How to Recover Forgotten Facebook Password



Method 1- How To Recover Forgotten Facebook Password By Phone Number?

Step 1- Browse Facebook login page to open it in your browser

Click on “Forgotten Account Link” where you can choose your password retrieval options.

Step 2- Choose “Send code via SMS” option

By selecting this option for your password re

set, you will get a 6 digit code on your mobile number that you have listed with your Facebook account.

Step 3- Provide the 6 digit verification code in the given area.

After entering the 6-digit verification c

ode in the box, click “Continue”. After the validation of code, you can create a strong password for your FB account. Click “Continue” and you are all set to login your account with the new password.

How to change your password on Facebook by phone number can be answered by this method.
Method 2- How To Recover Forgotten Facebook Password Using Email?

Step 1- Open Facebook login page in your browser

Open your FB login page and Click on Forgotten Account Link to choose a password retrieval option

Step 2- Choose “Send code via email” option

This option will help you to receive a 6-digit verification code on an alternative email address listed with your account. Before choosing this option, make sure that you have access to this alternative email address.

Step 3- Enter verification code in the given box

Enter the received 6-digit verification code in the box and click Continue. After the successful validation of the code, enter a secure password and click Continue button. Your password is changed successfully.

Method 3- How To Reset The Facebook Password By Security Questions?

  • Open Facebook login page and click Forgotten Account Link.
  • To proceed further enter your registered email address
  • Now select Use my Google account and click on Continue
  • Now create a secure password and click Continue
  • By clicking the Continue button, you can have your security check options, which are as follows-
  • Verification of security code sent to a registered email address
  • Verify friend’s photo
  • Answering security questions
  • Choose Answering Security Questions and answer them correctly to recover your forgotten Facebook account

The same question is often asked as “How to change Facebook password without old password” but the answer is same.


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