How to Recover Forgotten Facebook Password



Method 1- How To Recover Forgotten Facebook Password By Phone Number?

Step 1- Browse Facebook login page to open it in your browser

Click on “Forgotten Account Link” where you can choose your password retrieval options.

Step 2- Choose “Send code via SMS” option

By selecting this option for your password re

set, you will get a 6 digit code on your mobile number that you have listed with your Facebook account.

Step 3- Provide the 6 digit verification code in the given area.

After entering the 6-digit verification c

ode in the box, click “Continue”. After the validation of code, you can create a strong password for your FB account. Click “Continue” and you are all set to login your account with the new password.

How to change your password on Facebook by phone number can be answered by this method.
Method 2- How To Recover Forgotten Facebook Password Using Email?

Step 1- Open Facebook login page in your browser

Open your FB login page and Click on Forgotten Account Link to choose a password retrieval option

Step 2- Choose “Send code via email” option

This option will help you to receive a 6-digit verification code on an alternative email address listed with your account. Before choosing this option, make sure that you have access to this alternative email address.

Step 3- Enter verification code in the given box

Enter the received 6-digit verification code in the box and click Continue. After the successful validation of the code, enter a secure password and click Continue button. Your password is changed successfully.

Method 3- How To Reset The Facebook Password By Security Questions?

  • Open Facebook login page and click Forgotten Account Link.
  • To proceed further enter your registered email address
  • Now select Use my Google account and click on Continue
  • Now create a secure password and click Continue
  • By clicking the Continue button, you can have your security check options, which are as follows-
  • Verification of security code sent to a registered email address
  • Verify friend’s photo
  • Answering security questions
  • Choose Answering Security Questions and answer them correctly to recover your forgotten Facebook account

The same question is often asked as “How to change Facebook password without old password” but the answer is same.


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How To Set Up A Facebook business Page

Wanna Know the Right Way to Create a Facebook Page? Go through the Enumerated Steps

As there is a myth floating in the internet world that creating a Facebook business page is worthless, it’s actually like making your product or services popular in the world without creating a website. It might be a story of layman who is not aware of the marketing strategies being implemented in the internet world. Though, the website is the major component that plays an essential role in the internet world to meet the end point, Facebook business page also plays an equivalent role in getting the things done by following a certain procedure that can help your business reach a  new height.

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Facebook business page, as we can say is one of the best ways for lead generation or to get in touch with client of your choice in order to make them know about the product or services which an organization is promoting at this point of time. People make mockery of the things while creating a Facebook business page that is not just about filling up the form. They have to be cautious while following the process of creating a Facebook business page and have to make sure that your brand is getting represented in a proper way at the first impression is the last impression.

images (2)


Here are the steps that can help you setup Facebook business page in a feasible way

  • Sign up with a Facebook business page by opening a new tab in the web browser and type the url in the address bar :
  • Click on ‘Create A Page’ in the top right hand corner of the screen like local business,brand or public figure
  • Select the category of the services offered by the organization which is seen in the drop down list
  • Provide a briefing of the organization in ‘About Us’ Section
  • Now add a suitable image by uploading it from the device that should match the niche of your business page.
  • Connect the business page with the personal Facebook account so that you can toggle between the easily and share the posts whenever required.
  • Add your location , the preferred gender as well as age of the clients to build the targeted audience that can be diverted by Facebook to your business page.
  • Add contact details or targeted url of the website where you want the users to get redirected.You can also add phone number or email address so that internet users interested in your product and services can contact you directly or leave the message /query that need to be responded ASAP to build reputation .
  • Add images related to your product or services in gallery section so that more users can get engaged to your business page.
  • Invite your contacts added in the personal Facebook account to visit your business page as this is one of the most important strategy


In case, you face any kind of troubles while creating business page, then it is advised to get in touch with certified experts just by giving a call at Facebook customer service number  +1-855-510-0444 available on the web or contact Facebook help center at the earliest.



Help! Facebook Account Has Been Hacked!


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Has your Facebook account hacked? I know you are getting agitated because having your Facebook account hacked is like a nightmare for you. We know Facebook has all your private messages, photos and other sensitive information that you never want to be disclosed.

You must be wondering!! What to do if the account has been hacked ?”, as you don’t have any idea how to retrieve the control of your account.

Don’t Panic!!

I have come up with the easy steps to recover the hacked Facebook account in less than no time. Don’t wait, Apply the Facebook account recovery steps now, as hackers can abuse your account, read the private message and even use your personal information to full fill their malicious intent.

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Follow the Recovery steps for Hacked Facebook account mentioned below:

  • Go to the Facebook Account Compromise Reporting Page
  • “Report Compromised Account” Page will open on your computer screen.
  • You can the message that reads “If you believe your account has been compromised by another person or a virus, please click the “My account is compromised” button below. We’ll help you log back into your account so that you can regain control
  • As your account is has hacked, Please click on My account is compromised
  • Enter your email address or registered phone number to search for your account under “Find Your Account”
  • Then, click on the search button
  • In order to get back your account, Facebook will ask you to enter either current or old password that you remember.
  • Provide current or old Password under “Enter a Current or Old Password”
  • Hit on “Continue” Button
  • Then, Click on “Secure My Account”
  • You will receive six-digit code in your email sent by Facebook, in order to reset the Facebook Password
  • Check your email, then enter the code in the box
  • Congratulations, you have regained the control of your Facebook account.

Wait! You have just recovered your account, but hacker still has your Password. So, it is suggested to change the Facebook Password immediately to avoid any further loss.


  • For changing Facebook Password Go to” Settings”> General>Password> Edit> Enter Old Password, New Password and Retype the New Password

Now it’s time to remove suspicious/malicious apps from your Facebook account.

  • Visit Facebook Privacy Settings page > “Apps and Websites”> “Apps, You Use” > “Edit Settings”> Click >”X”.

Hope the above mentioned Facebook account recovery Help Number USA images (2)

+1-855-510-0444 would help you to recover your account. However, if you are unable to retrieve the access to the account; then you can contact Facebook technical experts for Instant support.


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Top 5 Ways To Fix Unresponsive Facebook Messenger On iPhone

Facebook Messenger helpline number USA +1-855-510-0444 is helping people with their unresponsive Facebook messenger problem to a great extent. There are some other ways to fix this annoying problem, we will discuss in this tutorial.


Facebook is the most renowned social networking site of the earth, with a humungous figure of users around 1.84 billion. It helps us to connect with our bosom friends and relatives. It keeps launching amazing features like legacy contact or private child scrapbook for an excellent user experience. Perhaps this is the reason, Facebook has become an integral part of our life and we just can’t spend a day without login into FB account, checking notifications, replying messages or contacting relatives on video calling on messenger.


The Facebook Messenger app is one of the coolest additions from Facebook that has made chatting exciting and alleviated time consumption. For iPhone users, it works fantastically well, but like other apps, FB messenger may also get unresponsive. What if it happens to your device while having a hilarious or important chat?

Fret not! You have a number of solutions to overcome this problem.

5 Ways To Fix Unresponsive Facebook Messenger On iPhone-

Method 1- Restart Your Facebook Messenger

While using FB messenger, if you feel like it has been frozen or not responding, you can fix it by restarting. All you need to double tap the home button and you will get to see a list of apps. Find the FB messenger app and swipe it to close. When you will open it next time, there are great chances that it will work well.

Method 2- Make sure that you App is up to date

Visit the app store and check whether if there is an update available for the Facebook Messenger. By updating your apps, you can get them working smoothly with some newly added features.  

Method 3- Reinstall the FB messenger app

Find Facebook Messenger app icon from the Home screen of your device. Tap and hold the icon, until you see the X symbol on the app. Click the X mark and the app will be deleted. Now go to your app store and search Facebook Messenger app in the search bar. Install the app after you download it.


Method 4- Restart your iPhone

Restarting your device can help when something annoying happens to your apps. Irrespective of the iPhone model you own, whenever your Facebook Messenger stops responding, try out restarting your device as it helps in most of the cases.

Method 5- Update your iPhone

You should check for a new iOS version on a regular basis and if it is available, just download it and install it on your device. It keeps your device well and let all apps run properly.

If you feel any kind of trouble while performing the given methods on your device, you can contact Facebook messenger technical experts number +1-855-510-0444 for instant solution.

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